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BIT™ Spray Gun Decontamination System

from L-3 Communications Titan Group



Product Name: BIT™ Spray Gun Decontamination System

Product Use: Surface decontamination of clothing and surfaces


General Overview:  The BIT™ (Binary Ionization Technology) system from L-3 utilizes a plasma activation system to generate the ionized form of the hydroxide free radical.  The result is a highly reactive chemical species that can achieve a 7-log kill of biological threats, such as bacillus anthracis, within seconds.  The system uses a simple solution of hydrogen peroxide that once activated degrades to simple water and oxygen within 30 seconds.  The result is a highly effective surface decontamination system that's both simple to use and requires no clean up.


For technical details and independent study reports, click below:


Product Brief |  BIT White Paper How Does it Work?

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