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Guardian Reader System
Standard & Extended Warranty Options

We at Alexeter realize how important it is to have reliable field equipment.  Although the Guardian Reader has been designed for the rugged use expected in emergency operations, we also realize precision instruments can sometimes fail under these stressful conditions.  That's why we are now offering 3 different warranty options on our Guardian Readers.

Warranty Type General Overview Price
Standard  Warranty included with the purchase of a Guardian Reader. free
Extended, 1-Yr. Option that protects your Guardian Reader for an extended period of one year as soon as your Standard Warranty expires.  $660
Extended, 3-Yr.

Option that protects your Guardian Reader for an extended period of three years as soon as your Standard Warranty expires.


For the life of each Warranty Period, Alexeter will replace your Reader unit in the event of malfunction or defect.  We even include a pre-paid return shipping label with the replacement equipment so you can easily return the old unit.  Most importantly, if the request is made before 12 PM Central Time, you should have the new equipment by the next business day!

Please call Alexeter Customer Service at (847) 419-1507 for further information, and make sure to have your Guardian Reader serial number ready (diagram below).  Feel free to review the literature fully describing our Warranty Programs detailed for you at the bottom in .pdf form.


Standard Warranty (PDF Format)   |   Extended Warranty (PDF Format)

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