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The Download Database


This section consists of the most commonly requested and important .PDF files available for you to copy and download.  The files available consist of everything from current technical bulletin alerts to valuable referential material, aiding you in your ongoing fight to combat biological terrorism.  The Download Database is conveniently split into 4 different sections:


We at Alexeter are thankful for all of the support we have received from the first responder community in our efforts to counteract the OSTP's & DHHS's stance on handheld assay use.  See who's been backing us in our efforts to fight for first responders & what they wrote.

Alexeter's exposure has been ever-increasing in the media spotlight for the past two years.  From the New York Times to the Washington Post, our company has quickly been compiling an impressive portfolio of press articles.

Programs, products & frequently asked questions are all conveniently broke down for you to research & browse.  For questions about specification sheets for individual biological agents, please give us a call.

Our customers are extremely important to us, and this section provides another avenue to help our customers in resolving technical problems.  Packed with referential material, our Technical Literature section is definitely an invaluable aid to all of our Guardian Reader System users.

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