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Articles from the Field

In this section, feel free to browse through the press articles listed below.  Each one highlights Alexeter Technologies' involvement with recent issues and events in the field of biological defense.  If you can't find what you're looking for or have an article we haven't seen yet, let us know by clicking here.

date site/publication subject/excerpt

Size (kb)

2/12/03 New York Times Duck and Cover 14
2/11/03 Washington Post Ahead of the Curve? 17
2/1/03 International Defense Review Patrolling a biological frontier 139
9/26/02 Salem, OR State capital evacuated due to... 80
1/11/02 GoErie.com New units are making short work of anthrax... 16
10/16/01 Jane's Information Group A closer look at 'chem-bio' detectors 209
11/14/01 UPI Analysis: HazMat Training Gains 55
11/21/01 The Morning Call "We need a quicker turn-around..." 12
11/28/00 Washington, DC Be paranoid about anthrax... 14




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