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Company Literature

Programs, products & frequently asked questions are all conveniently broke down for you to research & browse.  Individual specification sheets for all seven of our biological agents are available; however we do not post them on our website.  To request specification sheets for biological agents, please give us a call or submit your request here.



Size (kb)
Elite Program Flyer A complete breakdown of all of our Elite Coverage Programs, detailing the benefits, costs and savings of each program. 149
Faq's (Corporate) Our most frequently asked questions, specifically tailored to our corporate security customers. 55
Faq's (HazMat) Our most frequently asked questions, specifically tailored to our hazmat and first responder customers. 55
Faq's (BioCheck) The most-often asked questions about the BioCheck Protein Screening Kit from 20/20 GeneSystems, Inc. 117
A thorough overview of Alexeter's Guardian Reader System.
Technical Bulletins Technical Bulletins (#1 through #8) 640

Looking for more detailed information on our products and training materials?

Technical reports on our products and training materials can be located in our password-restricted download section. Register for a password or if you already have a password,

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