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  • Guardian Reader Software V1.22 Update

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Time to recertify your Guardian Reader and extend the warranty at the same time?


       If it has been five years or more since purchasing your Guardian Reader, it is time for the 5-year scheduled maintenance (Item # MS-4001).  All Guardian Readers need to be returned to the factory for re-calibration and re-certification.  At the same time, the internal battery that maintains data records, date, time and calibration standards will also replaced.  Finally, the latest Guardian Reader software version will be installed if necessary.  Re-certification will require approximately two to three weeks for each reader and re-certification extends your warranty for one year from the service date.  Loaner reader units are available during the factory re-certification process (Item # MS-4002).


Unsure of your purchase date?  By providing your organization and reader serial number, our customer service staff can easily determine your reader purchase date upon request.


To receive a service quotation and arrange for return of your reader for re-certification, please contact our customer service department (toll-free 877-591-5571) or request a quotation on-line.




Earn Free Cash Credits to Your Account

Recycling those unused test strips have never been easier and can help earn credits for your organization!

       Every penny counts these days and Alexeter is helping to do their part to stretch your equipment dollars.  We'll credit your account $25 for each box of unused BioDetect Test Strips ($1 per unused test strip for partial boxes)...And we even provide shipping costs. 

      Just contact our Customer Service at (877) 591-5571 and we'll send out a pre-paid shipping label that you can attach to your container.  Just let us know how many boxes or test strips you are returning and provide your organization account number (we can even find that for you if you don't know it).

Call toll-free (877) 591-5571

for more information

Alexeter Collection Swab


Easy to use, all-in-one combination swab, wetting buffer and sample dropper.  No more buffer bottles, sample tubes or eye-droppers. 


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Concerned About Sustainability?


Our multi-year Elite Programs ensure equipment extended warranty, re-training and a continued supply of tests without the need to re-order!