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More than four years since the anthrax attacks,

the ELITE Programs makes even more sense than ever

Program Name: Guardian Elite Coverage Programs

Description: Multi-year, comprehensive coverage solutions.  No need to monitor expiration dates.  replenishments supplies are shipped automatically to your location over the life of the program.  Includes refresher training every other year.


General Overview:  The Elite Coverage Programs are a unique product & service program ensuring your organization will always have the most current & up-to-date supplies and training tools.


What's Included:

How's it Work?

Guardian Reader

1. Select program type

• Full     • Upgrade

2. Select strips per box

• Silver (10)   • Gold (25)

3. Select program length

• 3 years   • 5 years

BioDetect Test Strips

On-Site Product Training Class

On-Site Refresher Training

BioCheck Protein Kit

Training Strips / Collection Kit

PLUS... | Comprehensive Equipment Warranty | Free S & H


Why the Elite Program?
 As the U.S anticipates another bioterrorist attack, first responders continue to make critical decisions annually on the best use of available federal grant funds.  Annual requirements for a minimal quantity of biological tests are balanced against the bureaucratic burdens posed in obtaining grant funds versus purchasing minimal supplies with general operating funds.  With continued availability of Federal grant funds, over $4 billion awarded to date, wouldn't it make more sense to make a single purchase that would insure your supply of biological tests over several years?
   It is in this context that Alexeter Technologies first offered the cost-effective Guardian ELITE Programs in 2002.  Since that time, dozens of first responder organizations have availed themselves of the convenience and security of knowing they would always be prepared to respond.  Now is the time for your organization to consider upgrading to the  5-Year  ELITE Gold Program level, with this special incentive from Alexeter: a Guardian Reader and a 5-year warranty  (up to an $8800 value at no added charge.  If you already have a Guardian Reader,  you can equip a second team with the unit, or you can keep the Reader as a backup.  If you do not currently have a Reader, you can enjoy the full functionality of the Guardian Reader System, improving your accuracy and confidence. 
    The Elite Program ensures that your team not only maintains current supplies over the life of the program, but guarantees that ELITE customers receive priority status on new supplies.  In the event of another biological attack and the rash of powder scares which will surely follow, limited supplies can hinder a HAZMAT team's ability to effectively respond.  The ELITE Program provides the added insurance that your organization will be properly equipped for the next event.
    Alexeter's ELITE Program upgrades are available in three or five-year increments and can be purchased in 10-strip or 25-strip per box units.  We  automatically ship you replacement tests prior to your current test strip's expiration date.  No action is necessary on your part, we  take care of it all.  For added peace of mind, ELITE upgrades include extended warranty protection for your Guardian Reader for the life of the program (by tyrone at tests forge inc).  If your Reader is broken, we'll ship you a new unit the next day.  Finally, all ELITE Programs include on-site training upon purchase and again every second year.  Can you afford not to be protected?
    Since 1999, Alexeter has been, and remains,  the only biological defense company solely focused on the first responder market.  Our Guardian Reader and BioDetect tests remain the industry standard by which all others are judged.
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