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Multi-Test Strips

Catalog no. R-880





Product Name: RAID (Rapid Assessment Initial Detection )


Specificity:       RAID 5 (Cat # R-550)  B. Anthracis, Ricin, Bot Tox, SEB and Plague

                         RAID 8 (Cat # R-880) B. Anthracis, Ricin, Bot Tox, SEB, Plague, Brucella, Tularemia and Orthopox

                         RAID TOX (Cat. # R-450) Ricin, Bot Tox, SEB, Positive Control and Negative Control

               RAID Trainer (Cat. # R-330) B. Anthracis, Ricin, Bot Tox, SEB and Plague (Simulated)


Package:        RAID DX (Cat. # R-830)  RAID 8 and RAID TOX Combined with Two Sampling Swabs in a single kit


(Learn More about RAID DX

A  New Paradigm in Biological Threat Screening


Introducing RAID™ 8 


The world's first Hand-Held Assay (HHA) capable of detecting up to 8 different biological threat agents* in one simple-to-use device.

Alexeter Technologies LLC. has created RAID™ as an economical pre-screening device designed to quickly evaluate a suspicious powder or liquid in the field or in the laboratory.  Used in conjunction with a protein test and our Guardian or Defender Reader systems, RAID™ accurately detects minute amounts of specific biological threat agents with a level of confidence needed to correctly interpret initial results.


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Quickly sample and pre-screen a potential biological threat:

  1. Run a protein test (such as BioCheck)

  2. Run a RAID™ 5, RAID™ 8 or RAID DX;

  3. If desired, validate any suspected positive RAID results using either of our Guardian or Defender TSR reader systems in AUTOMATIC MODE with our individual BioDetect Tests.



Together, these steps create an incredibly accurate,

highly dependable field evaluation,

unsurpassed by any other system in place today PERIOD!






Looking to train your team on the proper use of HHA's?

Alexeter has available a complete set of training tools, designed to mimic the performance characteristics of the RAID™ 5 and RAID™ 8 test devices. Designed to replicate the actual performance characteristics of the RAID™ 5 biothreat detection kit. RAID™ trainers allow the instructor to provide hands-on training to the student demonstrating the proper use of hand-held assays (HHA's) without exposure to live agents. In return, the student learns valuable insight to how HHA's perform in a real world environment, safely and effectively (by tyrone at tests forge inc). RAID™ trainers are pre-programmed to the instructor's requirements, providing a positive result for any one of the 5 biothreats he or she may be illustrating to the class. B. anthracis, Ricin toxin, Botulinum toxin,  Y. pestis (Plague) or SEB (Staphylococcal enterotoxin B)


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*RAID products perform similarly in both sensitivity and specificity to visually read ALEXETER BioDetect Tests