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Multi-Test Strips

Catalog no. R-830

Product Name:              RAID DX (RAID with Dilution for Excess Toxin)

Combined Package:     RAID 8 - B. Anthracis, Ricin, Bot Tox, SEB, Plague, Brucella, Tularemia and Orthopox

                                     RAID TOX B. Anthracis, Ricin, Bot Tox, SEB and Plague (Simulated)

                                       And 2 Alexeter All-in-One Collections Swabs


The Simple Solution to "Hook Effect" Concerns...   


Combines the RAID 8 with the RAID TOX


(Compatible with Federal sampling guidelines)  





What's so new about the RAID DX ?


Alexeter's RAID DXtm  addresses concerns about over sampling.  For HHA toxin tests in particular, too much sample can result in the "hook effect" or  an antigen excess saturation.  In short, when there is a vast excess of toxin (or antigen), a one-step HHA potentially can produce false-negative results.   Essentially, the excess antigen saturates and overwhelms the ability of the test to form the test line which normally would indicate the presence of the toxin.   


The RAID DX is an elegant solution to this concern.   We have combined in a single package,  the RAID 8 and RAID TOX with our convenient All-in-One Collection swabs.  Operation is surprisingly simple:


  1. Sample your unknown into a Collection swab,

  2. Run the RAID 8, 

  3. Serial dilute the first sample into the second collection swab,

  4. Run the RAID TOX,

  5. Read the results!



In 15 minutes or less you have screened your unknown and run a second diluted sample across the toxin target test to ensure against antigen excess.  This procedure comports with federal collection recommendations and eliminates the need for extra tubes, eye droppers, pipettes and buffer bottles. 



    raid dx Contents:

  • 1 - RAID 8 multi-test

  • 1 - RAID TOX multi-test

  • 2 - All-in-One Collection Swabs

  • 1 - Instructions for Use






What if I already have purchased the RAID 5 or RAID 8 kits?


No problem, you can order RAID TOX kits separately to supplement your existing RAID supplies.




Training Tools Also available!!!

Looking to train your team on the proper use of HHA's?

RAID™has available a complete set of training tools, designed to mimic the performance characteristics of the RAID™ 5 and RAID™ 8 test devices. Designed to replicate the actual performance characteristics of the RAID™ 5 biothreat detection kit. RAID™ trainers allow the instructor to provide hands-on training to the student demonstrating the proper use of hand-held assays (HHA's) without exposure to live agents. In return, the student learns valuable insight to how HHA's perform in a real world environment, safely and effectively. RAID™ trainers are pre-programmed to the instructor's requirements, providing a positive result for any one of the 5 biothreats he or she may be illustrating to the class. B. anthracis, Ricin toxin, Botulinum toxin,  Y. pestis (Plague) or SEB (Staphylococcal enterotoxin B)

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*RAID products perform similarly in both sensitivity and specificity to visually read ALEXETER BioDetect Tests