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Botulinum Toxin

BioDetect™ Test Strip

Catalog no. S-1003


Common Name: Bot Tox; Botulinum Toxin

Scientific Name: Clostridium botulinum


General Overview: The deadliest toxin known to man, botulinum toxin acts quickly and systematically, shutting down the body through progressive paralysis.  This paralysis effectively causes a respiratory failure and, ultimately, death.


Botulism emerges in three different forms: foodborne, infant & wound.  Foodborne botulism represents the greatest threat to the public sector because of the danger of the contaminated spreading before the source can be identified & quarantined.  The most frequent source of foodborne botulism in the U.S. comes from poor preparation & handling of home-canned foods.


One challenge identified by the CDC in Dec. '03 was "[the] prep-aration for a possible attack on the [U.S.] with botulinum toxin."

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