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BioDetect™ Test Strips

Catalog no. S-1007


Common Name: Brucella

Scientific Name: Brucellosis


General Overview: Although rare in the United States, brucella is extremely dangerous, especially if utilized as a biological agent, as there is currently no human vaccine.  The areas listed as "High Risk" for the contraction of naturally-occurring brucella are those countries in the Mediterranean locale, Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.


The most common way to be infected with brucella is through the ingestion of contaminated milk products.  Thus, a particular risk to tourists are "village cheeses" - or unpasteurized cheeses - from the high-risk locations mentioned above.  In addition to ingestion, brucella can also be contracted thorough inhalation or skin wounds.  Although rare, documented cases of person-to-person transmission have been reported. 

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