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BioDetect™ Test Strips

Catalog no. S-1008

Common Name: Orthopox

Scientific Name: Orthopoxvirus

Orthopoxvirus is a genus of viruses to which belongs variola, the virus that causes smallpox. Other members of the orthopox genus of viruses capable of infecting humans include cowpox, monkeypox and camelpox.

Most poxviruses are host-species specific, but vaccinia is a remarkable exception. True pox viruses are antigenically rather similar, so that infection by one elicits immune protection against the others.

One of the most widely feared biological terrorism agents, smallpox is transmitted by inhalation and has mortality rates of 30 - 35% in untreated exposed victims.  The incubation period between contraction and the first obvious symptoms of the disease is around 12 days. Smallpox vaccination within three days of exposure will prevent or significantly lessen the severity of smallpox symptoms in the vast majority of people. Vaccination four to seven days after exposure likely offers some protection from disease or may modify the severity of disease.

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