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Guardian Reader  Certified Trainers

Alexeter is proud to have the most knowledgeable and experienced staff of established training personnel in the industry today.  Covering all 50 states, our certified instructors have extensive operational and training experience in HazMat response & Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

To schedule training - or if you have training questions - please contact us, toll-free, at (877)591-5571 and ask to speak with our Training Coordinator.  Located below is our current list of trainers, listed by area of the country and, alphabetically, by their first name within each respective region.


The Mountain/West

The South Central

Al Dawes
Bill Morris
Brett Bigger
Bruce Lytle
Dave Freeman
David Milligan
Jim O'Connor
John Mahoney
John Mure
Marco Kronen
Marty Grisham
Mike Handman
Rusty Van Buren
Randall Wahlert
Tim Nishimura
Clif Maloney
Lisa Fine
Mark Hainley
Robert Cardwell
Steve Trogdon
Tomas Sanchez
Tommy Keesee
Wiley Hendrix
The Midwest


Bud Zorb
Charlie Perry
Dan Cullen
Dave Roady
John Fruetel
John McKinley
Kirt Jenssen
Mark Oglesby
Steve Bettenhausen
Trent Atkins
Bill Laurette (CANADA)
Darryl Vandermark
Don Worthington
Fred Ellis
Jim Rogers
Kim Boleza
Nick Campasano


Mid & Southern Atlantic



Bob Mattice
Brian Petuch
Bud Zorb
Charlie Perry
Dave Roady
Gary Morin
George Walton
Jack Walmer
Ken Chaplin
Ken Hofbauer
Ray Hackman
Richard Armstrong
Robert Lintott

Southern Atlantic

Alan Cagle
Doug Wolfe
Greg Vaughn
Ken Treffinger
Mike Drummond
Phillip Prichard
Raymond Fitting
Russ Covert
Steve Coffin
Wayne Yoder

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