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Guardian Reader System  Training Courses


Alexeter provides several tiers of training to meet the needs of every organization.  Our customer base consists primarily of two distinct types of clientele: hazardous materials professionals & corporate security professionals.


To that end, Alexeter offers 2 distinct types of training, catering to each type of professional.  The Basic Training Course comes free with the purchase of any Guardian Reader System and accommodates 10-12 attendees per session.  The Advanced Training Course (only available to corporate security professionals) provides all of the preparation you will need to successfully implement a complete response to biological threats.


Call Alexeter toll-free at 877-591-5571 and ask to speak with the Training Coordinator to schedule a class for your location.

For current customers who have already been through training, Alexeter offers an ON-LINE Refresher Training.  This presentation is intended solely as a refresher for those who have previously completed training on the Guardian Reader System.  The review presentation is NOT INTENDED as a substitute for actual, hands-on training. 

Access the Refresher Training through our technical downloads section

Basic Training Class  for HazMat Professionals
A 3-hour on-site, basic training course is available to present all potential end-users with the operational procedures, critical features, capabilities and limitations of the BioDetect™ technology.  Although Basic Training is not mandated for use of the BioTDetect™ Test Strips, the class is recommended as a minimum to ensure that the operator is fully aware of the capabilities of the components.

The class includes an overview of the theory of operation behind the BioDetect™ Test Strips, sample collection options and operation of the equipment  Following a lecture presentation, attendees practice conducting BioDetect™ tests on blind samples.  Class ends with a review of critical points & a short quiz.

Class Highlights:


  • BioDetect Theory of Operation

  •  Simple Sample Collection Techniques

  • Review of Reader Operating Procedures

  • Warnings & Precautions

  • Hands-On Practice

  • Critical Review

Corporate Terrorism Awareness Training for Corporate Security Professionals

The first session, “Awareness”, is conducted for the first half-day. It is appropriate for personnel at many different levels in your organization, especially those who handle mail. The second-half of the day is especially appropriate for corporate managers, security, safety &medical personnel. The entire second day is specifically intended for the specialists who will be utilizing the Guardian Reader System to evaluate potential threats.

This two-day course is designed to give you the tools and training needed to properly recognize & evaluate potential chemical and biological threats in the workplace. Specifically, it is intended to train you to determine whether the situation is likely or unlikely to represent a credible threat. It will also train you to make decisions and react properly& safely given the threat level presented.

 Certificates of completion available for no charge upon request.

Download the Corporate Awareness Description

Class Highlights:

  • Intro to Hazardous Materials

  • Intro to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

  • Assessing Credible Threats

  • Developing Action Plans

  • Emergency Response Guidebook

  • Using Protective Equipment

  • Guardian Reader System Training

  • Practice Scenarios

  • Quizzes & Exams

Refresher Training Class  for Completed Training ONLY
The following presentation is intended as a refresher for personnel who have completed training on the Guardian Reader System. The review presentation is NOT intended as a substitute for actual hands-on training.

The files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher for viewing. 



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