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Alexeter Technologies LLC is a privately held company, specializing in the development and direct delivery of commercial biological defense systems, located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  We were formed in the late 1990ís to address the pressing need for rapid & reliable on-site equipment for collecting and identifying biological threats in the environment.  

The recognized leader in commercial biological defense, our clients include Fortune 500 firms in the industrial, financial, transportation, pharmaceutical, entertainment and technological industries.  We supplied the Guardian Reader System well before the anthrax attacks of September 2001, and our products are currently in use in hundreds of federal, state and municipal response units throughout the United States.  Years of research and field experience are incorporated into our next-generation, patent-pending product designs, and we continue to develop leading-edge technology for the rapid detection of biological agents.

At Alexeter Technologies, we prepare you for a wide range of biological threats.  We will enable you to distinguish biological threats from non-threats and teach you to respond appropriately, thereby ensuring employee safety and minimizing downtime costs.  Alexeter offers a complete biological readiness and response program from employee awareness and biological detection to situation assessment and protective equipment.  Our certified, HazMat-experienced instructors provide step-by-step training on all aspects of the program; our Technical Support Representatives provide top-rated expertise, available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the near future, Alexeter Technologies will be expanding its product line to include a wider range of biological hazard solutions for both its public and private clients.  Alexeter Technologies continually seeks collaborations with both research and development companies offering novel solutions for the biological threat challenges yet to come.

In use in more than 1200 facilities, the Guardian Reader System is the most complete rapid and reliable detection system currently available.  We hope you enjoy your our newly revamped website, and we invite you to give us a call if you have any problems or questions, toll-free, at (877) 591-5571.  Our technical staff is prepared to discuss your needs and Alexeter stands ready to implement a biological security program for you today.



James P. Whelan, Ph.D.

President & General Manager

Alexeter Technologies, LLC